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The Southern New England Seafood Company Using Pressure To Create, Preserve, and Innovate

LEAF Shellfish brings state-of-the-art high pressure processing technology to Southern New England creating sustainable shellfish products of higher quality, higher yield, and better flavor than traditional high-heat processing. Utilizing both undervalued and resurgent local fisheries, LEAF expands the culinary footprint of shellfish sustainably caught, landed, and processed right here in New England. 

As a seafood startup, we are literally applying pressure to the seafood marketplace of Southern New England.  Novel uncooked and "cooked in kitchen" products add value to the existing fisheries by increasing consumer demand, extending shelf life, reducing pathogens, and up-cycling production waste. 



Save Money
Save The Environment

LEAF uses High Pressure Processing which make shellfish processing easier and more efficient. This means reduced manual labor, higher yields, and less wasted product.

Traditional shellfish processing generates millions of pounds of wasted shells and millions of pounds of wastewater. HPP reuses 85% of the processing water per cycle.  It also preserves integrity of chitinous shells. These shells can be further processed into valuable chitinosan.

Although the seafood industry has embraced new technologies, shellfish processing in particular  has been slow to change. LEAF is bringing new ideas to an industry that hasn't been updated in quite a while.


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